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Video Management

RDDS started life in 1993 supporting Bespoke Video Management requirements from the UK MET Police and has continued to develop innovative solutions throughout our lifespan. As such, Video Management is one of our strongest areas of expertise.

capabilities, approvals & certifications

Often during specification, signal management system architecture will encounter compatibility issues. Whether it be integrating generic signals into a 3rd Party Hardware ecosystem, or sending legacy video over ethernet, RDDS engineers can provide an invaluable source of expertise for resolving your interconnect issues.

With most Video Management requirements being bespoke to the system or platform, it’s rare that integrators will find a CoTS solution that fulfils all their needs. RDDS has worked hard to develop a range that minimises the need for completely bespoke solutions by designing units that can be modified from an existing, qualified unit. This approach results in more cost-effective hardware procurement by reducing the need for extensive requalification and builds confidence that the unit will be suitable for the rigours of your Mission.

Should you require something beyond our off the shelf range, RDDS is still a leading provider of bespoke units, with established processes for product development and risk mitigation, you can remain confident that RDDS can solve your integration challenge, efficiently and cost effectively.

We can support a variety of signals, including but not limited to:

  Video over Ethernet (VoE) including GVA/VICTORY

  Display Port







  RGsB (Sync on Green)

  STANAG 3350 Class A, B and C plus custom timings.


  Composite PAL/NTSC RS170

Regarding signal manipulation and management, RDDS can provide a variety of options, including:

  Video Scaling

  Video Cropping

  Video Format Conversion

  Video Switching

  Video Buffering

  Passive Video Pass-Through


No matter the requirements, RDDS can provide a single-source solution for all your Video Management needs, so contact us direct and our Engineers will engage with you directly to solve your Video Management challenges, no matter the complexity.

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