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Alongside our team of hardware engineers, RDDS also has an expert software development team, predominantly specialising in the development of Firmware and Bespoke Software Applications.

Chiefly amongst the team’s capabilities is the development of bespoke software solutions in accordance with DO-178 to Design Assurance Levels B and C. In support of this, the RDDS Engineering Team is certified to the requirements of AS9100 Rev. D and is compliant with the requirements of AS9115.

RDDS Key Software Development Capabilities:

  DO-178 DAL B/C Design

  DO-254 DAL B/C Design

  Bespoke Firmware Development

  Bespoke Software Applications

  AS9100 and AS9115 compliant development procedures.

To provide a broad overview of some of the Software Team’s successful deliveries, we have supplied the following:

  Seascape Maritime Mission Management Software. Designed to integrate key AIS data with Nautical Maps and Charts, Seascape            is a fantastic solution for international MPA missions.

  Also featured in the Seascape Suite is a RADAR HMI and ScreenMailer Application.

  RD4002 – Ground Replay Software. Designed for the Makito X Compact Rugged Encoder, RD4002 provides ground replay 
        functionality for sensor footage and facilitates the removal of this footage from the system. RD4002 is also capable of integrating            with a variety of other systems on customer request.


If you are looking for a reliable and qualified software development partner in the United Kingdom, we encourage you to contact us to find out more.

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